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Boston JWRP participants enjoy the annual Mega Challah Bake with their "Sistahs" and daughters

Kate Gershman of Newton, one of the first Boston women to go on a JWRP trip with other women from the area, (and who was an assistant leader on a second trip), took the lead and was the Boston/ JWRP coordinator for this year’s 2nd Annual Mega Challah Bake. Kate filled two tables with past participants (and their daughters) at this meaningful event.

All four Boston/ JWRP trips were represented last year!

Enjoy this recap written by Kate—

An amazing event took place just 2 days after the most difficult election in US history. The nation did not sleep much that week! A wonderful group of dedicated Chabad Rebbetzins put together an event that made us 1000 Jewish women get away from the reality of Trump-Clinton and become a bunch of Jewish women, who danced, laughed and baked challah in an amazing atmosphere of love. Special thank you to Chanie Krinsky from Chabad Needham who satisfied our request to place the Boston/ JWRP women together! She worked very hard on placing 1000 women at the event and emails were coming at her at 3 AM in the morning. Ladies from Trips 1 through 4 proudly represented our "Sistah-hood". Let’s plan on next year in Dedham at the 3rd Annual Challah Bake! Enjoy these photos from the event!

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