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How Tikkun Olam happened "to" us...

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Alumni Tikkun Olam Event

A number of our girls met for drinks on a lovely summer eve in Norwood back in July and JWRP Boston participant Stacey Brody simply said, “We love hanging out together. Why don’t we come up with a way of doing a social action project together?”

And so it happened…

On a recent weekend day, a few girls went out to celebrate one of the Sistahs’ birthdays and then met up with a bunch more JWRP Alums for a rewarding afternoon at Rosie’s Place in Boston. These 8 women donated $350 (which groups are required to donate to sponsor the “Dinner” that day). We worked from 3:00-5:15, chopping, preparing, serving and cleaning-and we really enjoyed the experience! The next day, Trip 5 girls saw the photos and as a result Jennifer Kaplan, Trip 5 participant, has taken the lead and is currently planning a Trip 5 volunteer day at Rosie’s Place in late March!

Stacey – Thank You!!! Your suggestion has impacted the JWRP women and positively affected the women of Rosie’s Place!

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